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Project Requirement

The National Risk Information Platform (NRIP) is a multi-hazard risk information platform that users to visualize risk data and perform analysis on various elements of risk data in Jamaica ( Its purpose is to promote a culture of safety and risk reduction by providing access to knowledge and information on hazard, vulnerability, and exposure, making it available for decision-making in development and land use planning, investments in social, economic and environmental sectors and risk transfer strategies.

Project Solution

Sior Consulting Ltd. supported the development of the NRIP platform by:

  1. providing, Jamaica-specific, expert geographic systems hardware, software, and geoscientific domain-specific, advice;
  2. launching amazon web services server for CKAN development;
  3. developing phyton-based domain geoscientific app coding functionality; and
  4. phyton-based geoscientific domain training to government staff (
Project Benefit

The NRIP will provide users with the ability to visualize, interact and analysis risk data. A community of practice will operate as a discussion forum for specialists and practitioners to share views, discuss ideas and concepts and suggest recommendations for best practices that benefit the sector.

Activities Completed
  • Jamaica-specific, expert geographic systems hardware, software, and geoscientific domain-specific, advice provided.
  • Launch amazon web services (AWS) server for CKAN
  • Develop and deliver python-based domain geoscientific app coding functionality, and python-based geoscientific domain training (including training manuals) to government staff (
  • Develop risk modelling toolsets, with examples, for Geometric analysis, hydrological analysis, coastal inundation, and geomorphological flood risk, in two analogous coding solutions: open-source and licensed (ArcGIS).
Project Details

Client: Edson Williams and Associate, CEAC Solutions Co. Ltd., Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF)
Project title: Development of Jamaica’s National Risk Information Platform (NRIP)
Location: Jamaica
Date: 2021 – ongoing
Main Síor contact: Dónal Neville (
Project infographics/stats: Delivery achieved on budget ($45,000 USD) and to agreed timelines

Areas of Expertise
  • Geospatial Solutions: GIS, Geospatial Data Preparation, Characterization and Analysis
  • Water Resources: Hydrogeological Interpretation & Analysis, Geospatial Flood Risk Modelling
  • Environmental Risk
  • Environmental Data Science: Programmer/App Development
Opensource Software Product
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