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Project Requirement

The Samoa National Water Resources Management Plan (2021-2030) is a strategic multi-agency plan to ensure the current and future availability of freshwater resources for public and private use. The development use of the Samoa NWRMP is a legal requirement under the Samoa Water Resources Management Act (SWRM Act, 2008) as well as a national necessity given the twin challenges of economic growth and climate change vulnerability. The Terms of Reference specifically required:

  • a review of the 1996 National Water Resources Master Plan Study to assess progress, remaining gaps and current limitations given the passing of 25 years;
  • a review of current WRD monitoring and analytical capacity; and
  • the delivery of the NWRMP as largely defined in the WRM Act – focusing on water resources availability, water demands, and strategies for minimising water supply shortages.
Project Solution

Bespoke, semi-automated, geographical information systems development to support GWP Consultants’ project deliveries.

Project Benefit

Effective, efficient, delivery of national scale water resources GIS-based metrices, for water resources management.

Activities Completed
  • Geospatial data and geodatabase management.
  • GIS environmental analysis.
  • Use of national-scale LiDAR-derived Digital Terrain Models for hydrological characterization and scenario modelling.
  • Data analysis visualisation through production of semi-automated GIS drawings production.
Project Details

Client: GWP Consultants LLP
Project title: Draft National Water Resources Management Plan (2021-2030) for Samoa
Location: Samoa
Date: 2020 – 2022
Main Síor contact: Dónal Neville (
Project infographics/stats: Delivery achieved on budget (USD) and to agreed timelines.

Areas of Expertise
  • Geospatial Solutions: GIS, Geospatial Data Preparation, Characterization and Analysis
  • Environmental Data Science: Programmer/App Development
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