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The availability of fresh drinking water is a topic which has gained increasing popularity over the past years. According to the World Health Organisation, 27% (2.2 billion people) did not have access to a safely managed drinking-water service, located on premises, available when needed, and free from contamination, in 2022.  In 2018, Síor Consulting Ltd. (Síor) was approached by a confidential Client to provide comprehensive hydrological, hydrogeological, and geospatial/IT consulting services to characterise and develop a groundwater resource in Ireland. 

Síor was commissioned to characterise and develop a sustainable groundwater resource through the deployment of our multifaceted expertise in innovative hydrological, hydrogeological, geophysical, and geospatial/IT solutions. 

Project Requirements

Síor’s responsibilities include 

  • Extensive (25 km sq), detailed, hydrological, hydrogeological, and geophysical field-data collection activities. 
  • Engagement of governmental and community stakeholders. 
  • Acquisition and analysis of geophysical data to inform subsurface hydrological paleochannels, bedrock depths, and hydrogeological regimes. 
  • Groundwater abstraction and monitoring borehole siting and subsequent drilling supervision and monitoring design and deployment. 
  • Conceptualisation and development of bespoke, Client centric, database solutions delivered as easily accessible web-based applications. 
Delivered Solutions

Síor leveraged our combined geoscientific expertise to: 

  • Execute a comprehensive, data-driven, top-down, geospatial analysis to inform site-based activities to complete technical works. 
  • Carry out detailed site walkovers and geophysical surveying (Electrical Resistivity Tomography and Induced Polarization) activities, to collect and interpret critical surface and sub-surface field data. 
  • Develop and refine hydraulic, hydrogeological, and geological numerical models. 
  • Prepare and manage geospatial data, culminating in the delivery of bespoke web apps to the Client. 
  • Supervise groundwater supply and monitoring borehole drilling activities, ensuring thorough testing and development of bores. 
  • Design and deployment water monitoring. 
  • Engage and submit reports to the relevant governmental and community stakeholders. 
Project Specifications

Client: Confidential

Location: Ireland

Timeline: 2018 to on-going

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