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We frequently collaborate with Síor Consulting to deliver water management solutions on a variety of mining, infrastructure, and water resource projects, globally. Síor’s geoscience expertise, coupled with their high-end geospatial and data modelling capacities, are an invaluable resource. When collaborating with Síor, we are guaranteed to arrive at solutions that are holistic, practical, and efficient. We would certainly encourage anyone involved in geoscience projects around the world to explore how Síor can add value to your project.

Magnum GSI and Síor Consulting have collaborated on several projects where Síor has provided targeted project-specific GIS and Geoscientific solutions as well as site support. During the delivery of these projects, Síor’s staff were always professional and helpful providing an excellent service. The solutions provided by Síor enabled easy access to available data, greater depth of analysis, and seamless client/stakeholder engagement.

CGI’s decision to work collaboratively with Síor Consulting over the past 2 years has been a brilliant move. The Síor team is highly professional and efficient, excellent at thinking outside the box and their desire to employ innovative methods to obtain quality results for our clients has been “golden”. With Síor Consulting as a project partner, you know what you are getting, and most importantly they are wonderful to work with.

We enjoy working with Síor Consulting and highly recommend others to do as well. With their help we successfully integrated a set of external data into our software in no time. They’re highly dedicated, smart, and provide great quality, flexibly and fast.

The strong partnership between Síor and DUAL has enabled us to collaborate on several successful geoscientific consulting and research endeavours, as well as on other key areas such as strategic management, process automation, or scientific strategy. We are proud to belong to the Síor Community.

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