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Síor Consulting Ltd. (Síor) was commissioned by Comak Group Inc. (CGI) to collaboratively develop hydrological and hydraulic modelling works across the state of Florida. The works undertaken will allow the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) to understand the flooding risks (and their extent) associated with dam break scenarios for high hazard potential dams. This includes the protection of property, prevention of loss of life and the ability to develop and maintain suitable emergency action plans to manage/achieve that. 

Project Requirements

Síor’s work includes:  

  • HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS support expertise to dam break modelling projects; part of the Florida Dam Safety Program (FDSP).   
  • Conducting inundation mapping and preparing Emergency Action Plans (EAP) for several high-hazard potential dams (supported by the National Dam Safety Program).  
  • Geospatial data databasing and management. 
  • Reporting support. 
Delivered Solutions

Síor Consulting continues to provide geospatial expertise to support the numerical hydraulic flood modelling of privately owned dam break scenarios. Specifically, the project called for the development and implementation of the following geoscientific and information technology components: 

  • Create bespoke, semi-automated, geospatial solutions supported by ground observations, tailored to complement FDSP project outcomes. 
  • Source county-scale LiDAR-derived DEM for in-depth hydrological characterisation and scenario modelling.  
  • Procure (when necessary) Bathymetric Elevation Model (BEM) for in-depth hydrological lake-bed characterisation 
  • Production of a seamless combined DEMBEM for HEC-RAS modelling. 
  • Streamlining geospatial data, geodatabase production and management, drawing production, and visualisation. 
  • Development of information technology for geospatial drawing production and enhanced data visualisations. 
Project Specifications

Client: Comak Group Inc (CGI) & Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP)

Location: Florida, USA

Timeline: 2018 – ongoing

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