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The High Speed 2 (HS2) project is a UK landmark railway infrastructure initiative, delivering enhanced rail capacity and connectivity between Britain’s major urban centres. Síor Consulting Ltd (Síor) was commissioned (through GWP Consultants LLP) to provide geoscientific expertise. 

Síor’s contributions continue to ensure project’s environmental permitting progression, emphasising meticulous management of geoscientific components. 

Project Requirements

The complexity of project specific requirements and regulatory limitations demanded expert geoscientific and geospatial/IT analysis, including: 

  • Extensive ground investigation and monitoring data management. 
  • Groundwater and surface water risk assessments. 
  • Delivery of geoscientific insights and visualisations. 
  • Development of specialised web applications and associated training of stakeholders. 
Delivered Solutions

Síor enhanced the Client’s delivery capability with the following solutions  

  • Organisation and processing of Client’s and stakeholder’s project data for integration with Client specific systems. 
  • Delivery, implementation, and maintenance of a bespoke, Clientcentric, geoscientific hydrogeological database.   
  • Delivery of geoscientific insights and visualisation products: hydrological and hydrogeological data web apps, permitting StoryMaps, automated drawing production workflows, and 3D fly-through videos. 
  • Production of geomorphological and geospatial location assessments, through georeferencing and LiDAR-derived elevation models. 
  • Geoscientific assessments, including hydrological and hydrogeological risk assessments, geospatially derived hydrological model parameterisation, and multispectral landcover classification. 
  • Quality assurance, stakeholder engagement, and training (with a significant focus on geoscientific data integrity) 
Project Specifications

Client: GWP Consultants LLP

Location: UK

Timeline: 2021 – ongoing

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