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When constructing in limestone regions, one must consider the prospect of encountering karstic features.  Karstic features are dissolution features which can cause ground subsidence resulting in major structural damage, potentially leading to the complete loss of structure. Síor Consulting Ltd. (Síor) was instrumental in providing comprehensive hydrological, hydrogeological, geophysical, and geospatial consulting services to a Murphy New Homes housing development, in one of Ireland’s limestone regions.

Síor was commissioned to map potential karstic features through the deployment of our multifaceted expertise in innovative hydrological, hydrogeological, geophysical, and geospatial solutions.

Project Requirements

Síor was tasked with:

  • Providing hydrological and hydrogeological assessments.
  • Acquisition and analysis of geophysical data to inform hydrogeological regimes and identify karstic features.
  • Identify potential karstic features to inform Client development activities through technical reporting.
Delivered Solutions

Síor leveraged our combined geoscientific expertise to:

  • Execute a comprehensive, data-driven, top-down, geospatial analysis to inform site-based activities, enabling technical reporting.
  • Carry out detailed site walkovers and geophysical surveying (Electrical Resistivity Tomography), to collect field-data and identify the presence or absence of dissolution features (caves, sinkholes, or springs).
  • Report production summarising findings to inform continued works.
Project Specifications

Client: Murphy New Homes

Location: Cork, Ireland

Timeline: 2021

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