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As the effects of climate change become increasingly evident around the world, flood risk assessments are becoming a common part of planning applications. Mr. A. O’Connell approached Síor Consulting Ltd. (Síor) to provide comprehensive hydrological, hydrogeological, topographical surveying, and geospatial/IT consulting services to undertake a Flood Risk Assessment for a domestic property planning application in Ireland. As per the Irish Office of Public Works (OPW) fluvial flood maps, the location of the proposed dwelling is shown to be at medium risk of flooding by the tributary river.

Síor was commissioned to provide geoscientific expertise with a site-specific approach in managing flood risk to inform site development and associated planning applications. Síor’s contributions centred around the Client’s need for flood risk management in support of the planning application, emphasising flexibility to Client requirements, while ensuring integrity of technical reporting and analysis

Project Requirements

Síor’s responsibilities included:

  • Procurement and processing of a topographic survey and aerial drone survey of the Site.
  • Production of 0.25m resolution site-specific digital elevation model.
  • Engagement with relevant governmental and non-governmental stakeholders.

Procurement and facilitation of appropriate flood risk modelling and analysis to inform Irish planning process requirements.

Delivered Solutions

Síor leveraged our combined geoscientific expertise to:

  • Produce a site-specific flood model and subsequent analysis resulting in a planning design solution which facilitated the planning application requirements, allowing construction to begin.
  • Design a solution which allowed for the development of the property above the floodplain without reducing the Site’s floodplain storage capacity.
  • Liaise with Project Design Engineers, Architects, and Cork County Council planning authorities to support the granting of desired planning permissions.
  • Identify potential site risks to inform future Client development activities including technical reporting.
Project Specifications

Client: Mr A. O’Connell

Location: Ireland

Timeline: 2022

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