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The impact human activities have on the environment has becoming an increasingly discussed topic in recent years. As we continue to develop our world, it is imperative that we work to understand and mitigate the impacts our activities have on the environment. Síor Consulting Ltd. (Síor) was approached by McGinty Planning and Development Consultant’s (McGinty) to provide comprehensive hydrological, hydrogeological, and geospatial consulting services to appraise a quarry planning application in Ireland.

Síor was commissioned to characterise the hydrological and hydrogeological regimes detailed in the planning application through the deployment of our multifaceted expertise in innovative hydrological, hydrogeological, and geospatial/IT solutions.

Project Requirements

Síor’s responsibilities included:

  • Assessment and analysis of both publicly available, and client provided, site specific historical data.
  • Characterisation of relevant hydrological and hydrogeological regimes.
  • Delivery of geoscientific insights.
Delivered Solutions

Síor leveraged our combined geoscientific expertise to:

  • Execute a comprehensive, data-driven, top-down, geospatial analysis to inform geoscientific insights.
  • Develop and refine hydrological and hydrogeological models.
  • Prepare and manage geospatial data, culminating in the development of a bespoke web app.
  • Preparation of detailed hydrological and hydrogeological appraisal (HAR) report.
Project Specifications

Client: McGinty Planning and Development Consultant’s

Location: Ireland

Timeline: 2022

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