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Regional development and management of mine water solutions is a major aspect to any mining operation. Síor Consulting Ltd. (Síor) was instrumental in providing comprehensive hydrological, hydrogeological, and geospatial/IT consulting services to Regis Resources Ltd. (Regis). Works centred on Regis’ Duketon Gold Project in Western Australia.  

Síor was commissioned to develop and support sustainable operations through the deployment of our multifaceted expertise in innovative hydrological, hydrologeological, geophysical, and geospatial solutions. 

Project Requirements

Síor was tasked with 

  • Comprehensive hydrogeological assessments and legislative reports. 
  • Development and review of groundwater models and dewatering systems. 
  • Hydraulic model development and analysis. 
  • Strategic dewatering and water supply borehole siting and subsequent drilling supervision. 
  • Aquisition and analysis of geophysical data to inform hydrogeological regimes. 
  • Conceptualisation and development of bespoke, Client centric, database solutions delivered as easily accessible web-based applications. 
Delivered Solutions

Síor leveraged our combined geoscientific to: 

  • Execute a comprehensive, data-driven, top-down, geospatial analysis to inform site-based activities to complete technical works. 
  • Carry out detailed site walkover and geophysical surveying (Electrical Resistivity Tomography), to collect and interpret critical surface and sub-surface field data. 
  • Develop and refine hydraulic, hydrogeological, geological, and dewatering models. 
  • Prepare and manage geospatial data, culminating in the delivery of a bespoke web apps to Regis. 
  • Supervise dewatering and water supply borehole drilling activities, ensuring thorough testing and development of bores. 
  • Legislative and operational reports. 
Project Specifications

Client: Regis Resources Ltd

 Location: Western Australia

 Timeline: 2021 to on-going

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