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International energy sharing is an important part of how today’s civilisations connect. In 2021, Magnum GSI approached Síor Consulting Ltd (Síor) to support a project to characterise ground surface deformation, along the existing route of a sub-surface High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) cable installed within Irish highways infrastructure, part of a network connecting the UK and Ireland’s electrical grids.

Síor was commissioned to provide comprehensive hydrological, geotechnical, field-data collection, and information technology enriched geospatial consulting services through the deployment of our  expert geoscientific team.

Project Requirements

Síor’s responsibilities included 

  • Review of HVDC installation as-built records and auxiliary data to map ground deformation risk profiles and inform inspection programme production.  
  • In field acquisition of survey data for a 41km stretch of the HVDC route, to inform officebased surface deformation analysis, including industry standard grading of surface deformations features as per Client defined scale.     
  • Production of a defect report and bespoke geoscientific geospatial mapping application  
Delivered Solutions

Síor leveraged our combined geoscientific expertise to:

  • Execute a comprehensive, data-driven, top-down, geospatial analysis to inform field-data acquisition activities.
  • Prototype and develop a bespoke vehicle mounted video camera system.
  • Comprehensive field-data collection combining point specific field-data with continuous 2.7k 60FPS video footage across the 41km stretch of the HDVC route.
  • Prepare and manage geospatial data, culminating in the delivery of bespoke web apps to the Client.
Project Specifications

Client: Magnum GSI

Location: Ireland 

Timeline: 2021 – 2022

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