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Importance of Water Monitoring 


  • Síor Consulting Ltd. provides integrated water resource management support to domestic and international Clients. Síor adopts a dynamic approach to water resource characterisation. Water resource management involves continued analysis of water components (levels & quality) to help determine baseline characteristics and identify variations over time. 

Water Level Monitoring 

Síor designs and deploys ground and surface water monitoring; achieved through advanced monitoring apparatus and manual readings, the latter a ground truthing exercise. Correct water monitoring characterises the hydrological and hydrogeological regime, providing essential water resource management insights. 

Water Quality Monitoring 

Water quality testing is the process of measuring the physical, chemical, and biological properties of water to determine its suitability for a particular use. Water quality testing is important for 

  • environment characterisation and monitoring   
  • monitor the effectiveness of water treatment processes. 

Síor’s development team add further value to this work, ensuring industry standard data management and process activities, and development specialised visualsation platforms.  

If you have any questions regarding access to our detailed water management services, please reach out to Please explore our website and feel free to communicate work and research opportunities; Síor Consulting welcomes open collaboration. 

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