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Síor Consulting Community & Culture

I have always been fascinated by the worlds of environmental sciences and data visualisation; mixing both in my professional career was a no-brainer!

In this modern era, data-driven environmental studies are unravelling a truly exciting and innovative digital universe, which will soon become the new paradigm. Every day, something new beckons from over the horizon… waiting to be unpicked. However, computing capacity alone does not provide the entire solution.

Good theoretical, practical, and computing environmental experience is key. Couple this with vision, drive, and entrepreneurial experience, and the possibilities are endless.

At Síor Consulting, community and culture are everything, quite literally, given our mostly virtual existence!

A community of experienced environmental, GIS and computing practitioners enables diverse discussions and cross-cutting solutions. Culture nourishes this environment, rewarding those that strive towards collaboration and encouraging mutual support.

The blogs to follow from our community members will keep our readers updated on our journey into this wonderfully diverse, challenging, and important realm of environmental GIS.

We hope you all enjoy, and contribute, and we look forward to building long lasting relationships with you all.

Our mission, creating a road-map to precision & efficiency. Our guarantee, absolute unwavering support.

Donal Neville

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