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A Multidisciplinary Approach Part 1: Introduction

At Síor Consulting, we aim to build a community of people who thrive as individuals, but also as part of a larger team, each bringing their own unique skillset from their respective disciplines for others to learn from.

This idea of community and teamwork lends itself well to understanding all aspects of any project we undertake, whether it be flood modelling and evacuation shelter routing in Florida or siting a commercial groundwater abstraction well here in Ireland. The key to successful completion of these projects is the melting pot of experience created by the continual development and expansion of the Síor community.

A recent project undertaken in collaboration with Southern Pumps Ltd ( is a prime example of Síor’s deployment of a multidisciplinary approach in siting a commercial groundwater well for a dairy farm.

Southern Pumps is one of the leading drilling and pump companies in the South of Ireland. Síor has collaborated with Southern Pumps on an exploration project before and we continue to strengthen our relationship with this second collaborative project.

Síor deployed a multidisciplinary approach to the siting of a suitable groundwater abstraction well location. The disciplines used in the investigation phase included GIS analysis and data visualisation, hydrogeological investigations, geophysical investigations, and drilling supervision to name but a few.

In upcoming blog posts I will be discussing how each one of these disciplines informs the other, and how this enabled Síor to successfully complete this project.

I hope you enjoy the upcoming multipart blog series. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section or email us directly 😊.

Timothy Nevile

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